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1. After a registration on our website, you will be treated as our members, who can  get special prices from us...
2. Items will be shipped within 3-7 business day on payment received.
Items are shipped from China using Airmail, reach most of the countries within 10 to 20 business days...
The prices in the shop are given in all European Countries,North American,Souther American,Austrilla,New Zealand,Asia Countries,Africa(Egypt Libya Morocco South Africa ,Ghana Cote d'Ivoire Togo Sultan Guinea)
In case of company purchases, please request a Proforma invoice when placing an order and send such information to: sales@niou-nailart.com 

Visa, MasterCard, American Express - "eCard"
eCard System no need registration, information about customer and transaction are collect from shop. eCard System is certified by VISA and MASTERCARD organizations, which issued your payment cards. eCard System complies with 3D Secure-technology, which is a new technology for internet transaction processing prepared and adopted by both Visa and MasterCard. The branding within the card organisations is Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure-Code.
The communication between a Customer and eCard System servers is always secured by 128bit SSL protocol or, if the Customer possesses a card enrolled in 3D Secure system, by the 3D Secure protocol.
Each Internet shop using the eCard System has a unique certificate, which enables full identification of the Internet shop, faultless transaction settlement and disables unauthorised connection to the System by third parties. Your payment card information cannot be stolen from shop systems because all this data is typed in a secured form directly on an eCard System server.
After your acceptance, the information shall be sent to the authorization center through a secure connection. If you made no errors while entering data, your card shows sufficient founds and is not restricted in the bank system you will be send back to shop. During the entire process, nobody, including the staff of eCard and of the seller, shall not have access to any data whatsoever, concerning your credit card.
After choice Bank Transfer customer receives e-mail with the order, account number and all necessary details and also with link to order confirmation. The order will be sent as soon as we receive payment confirmation.
Paying with bank Transfer:
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